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Joe Zlomek

Joe Zlomek is managing editor of The Post Publications LLC, a multimedia company that provides online news and information services to communities in western Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He is an award-winning writer, editor, photographer and videographer. The videos he furnishes to Videezy are products of news reporting, and are not model or property released.

Read more about Joe here: http://sanatogapost.com/editor-joe-zlomek/

Read more about The Posts here: http://sanatogapost.com/post-publications/

  • Hands-separating-ticket-stubs
    Mains Séparer Ticket Stubs Stock Video
  • Exiting-the-muddy-river
    Sortie de The Muddy River Stock Video
  • 20140614_soudertonpa_yellowflowersbreeze
    Fleur jaune vidéo de stock
  • 20140614_soudertonpa_shoppingcartspanupleft
    Vidéo stock

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